The 1st Workshop Wrap-Up

There's A Difference Only You Can Make. You're The Only Person Who Can Make It."


The IDY Outline: The 4 Pieces


  1. God made something good only you can do. (What) (The Difference)
  2. It’s why he called and gifted you. (WHY) (YURU)
  3. It’s hidden in his Kingdom for you. (Where) Matt. 14:33
  4. It’s worth your life to see it through. (HOW)

Hey guys, we spent 5 or 6 Wed mornings together. I deeply appreciate your openness and interaction: I needed to let this Genie out of the bottle. 

Now, what’s next for us?



Since we’ve been operating from the premise that, “I know my IDY,” you need to see what I believe that is. 

The Genie Is Out

MYIDY: My Part – My Place – My Path


My Part:

To present what is possible in this life and in eternity to come.


My Place:

To share what I have where ever I am an invited guest.


My Path: 

To present what’s possible, publicly. To engage the willing, privately. To be rewardable, eternally. 

So there!

MYIDY: Your Part – Your Place – Your Path


As you compose your responses to the “3P’s” you are walking your path. This is how you open your folder and continue life as you know it in one move. (walk & chew gum)


Your responses are starting point, not a point-of-contention. I’ve rewritten my 3P’s countless times and interesting enough, I end up back where I started.

My Part, “present what’s possible” is the mantra and manual for my life. 

My Place, “share where I’m invited,” has been the most costly and crucial lesson of my life. 

My Path, “Public – Private – Eternal” are the defining guiderails of my IDY journey. 




Your Part:

This begins with a description of what you want to do the most with the rest of your life. (The difference only you can make)


My Place:

Your place is a combination of the location, the situation and the investment that will best enable you to do your part. (See above) 


Your Path: 

Starting from where you currently are; can you get there from here? (There being the place where you can do your part) 

So there!

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