I have all this

IDY (Individularity) is designed to help you identify… What’s in your folder?

Your folder contains the specifics and history of how God designed you, what you’re made for and what the “Committee” has prepared so you can move forward. 

The Committee is the Trinity (Father Son and Spirit) and your Sub-Committee are the people They have placed in your life to help you fulfill the contents of your folder.

To Open Your Folder, Answer this:

What do you want card

Yes, This Is About The Hardest Thing Possible


Over the years I’ve asked thousands of people, “what do you want?” I can count on two hands the people who gave me an answer. 

For about three years I met every Saturday with five friends. Every week I would share the latest development in what was to become Individularity. 



A True Story

The guys should have seen this coming, but they didn’t. When I asked, “what do you want?” the table fell silent and everyone reached for their coffee.

So I pressed the issue, one of the guys said, “I want what God wants for me.” I had to buzzer that one. *That’s like saying, “…and, world peace!”

Another guy said, “Mark, I don’t know what I want.” Two other guys said, “we’ll get back to you.”

Then one guy, Patrick, asked me, “why does it matter what I want, God knows his plan for me.” 



How Patrick Got It

“But do you know his plan?” I said.

“No. But I trust him.” Patrick said.

“Do you want to know?”

“Yes I do, but how can I figure that out?” Patrick said.

“Do you think what you want to do is crucial to the plan?” I said.


What I Really Want

 Patrick paused for an awkward minute, the other guys pushed back in their chairs like he was going to explode, then he said; “Okay, you want to know what I really want?”

“Yes.” I said.

“Alright, I want to live by the ocean: I want to make enough money to be comfortable and I want to be free to pursue what God wants me to do. Is that good enough?” He said 

“Patrick, that’s perfect! That’s something you and God can work with.”


You Can Use The “Patrick Template”

  • Where do you want to be?
  • What will it take(resources) to do what you want?
  • Are you brave enough to admit what you want? (Like Patrick did)

Don’t Worry, You Can’t Provoke, Manipulate Or Circumvent The Committee 

  • The Committee knows what they want from you.
  • You need to tell the Committee what you want.
  • The Committee did their part, it’s your turn to do yours. (Tag, you’re it!)

Ask And You Will Receive. Abstain And You Won’t

  • To get a better answer, ask a better question.
  • To get more, ask for more. (You automatically get less in life)
  • To get what you want, you can’t include what you don’t want.  

If You’re Stuck, Start With The Things You Don’t Want

  • I don’t want to live____
  • I don’t want to ____ for a living.
  • I don’t want to end up_____
Now, Find Something To Write On And Draft Your First Response.  

IDY principle: Why = What. (They are the same) 

You can search for “why” and even if you figure that out, you’ll still need to solve for “what.” The best way forward; solve for “what.” 


Here’s what I want: 

Mark Allen Schmidt

authors draft answer