Your Folder Contains The Blueprints For Your Life

The "Big-Blue" Print

The Big Blue Print

When you open your folder you’ll see the “Big-Blue” Print of creation. This print contains the specifications, locations, functions and expectations for everything that exists. 

The Big-Blue is the expression of God’s eternal purpose. It also contains the marvelous plans that were draw-up in order to accomplish that eternal purpose. 

You could easily dedicate the rest of your days to studying, debating, worshipping and even questioning what you encounter in Big-Blue.  

Most believers spend their lives bewildered, leafing through Big-Blue hoping to discover where they fit into God’s purpose and plan. And sad to say, very few ever figure that out. 

Then after serving, searching, sacrificing and doing all they can the moment of inevitability arrives and they are faced with one persistent question, why?

Big Blue Is A “What” Document

Here’s why; Big Blue is a “what” document about all the glorious things God has done for you. If you dig deep enough and seek the truth enough you might piece together the reason “why.” But you’ll still need to figure out what God wants to do with you.


The Big-Blueprint is the public domain of all life- The You-Print is the private domain of your life.                  

And In Your Folder

Your folder contains what you need to know in order to accomplish everything God wants from you. The Big-Blue Print is a record of everything God has done for you, and it’s a ledger of all you’ve done for God. 

It is also displays the ongoing story of all creation according to Gods great purpose and grand plan. Every person was created to play a specific part in that plan, every person has a folder of their own. You have a folder and only you can read it. 

The Next Section Is About You

The next section of your folder is the “You-Print;” the specifics of what God wants to do with you. 

The Big-Blue print contains God’s plan to accomplish his purpose. The You-Print holds the details and directions on how to do your part of God’s plan to accomplish his purpose.

Congratulations, you don’t need to master the Big-Blue print, or understand God’s great purpose or grand plan. 

What you need to know is how to find your part of everything God is doing, lucky for you that’s exactly what’s in your folder.

You are Unique and Irreplacable
You are here for a specific reason

The Part Only You Can Play


You are the wild card in your folder. God created everything all on his own, you had nothing to do with that. Christ lived, died, rose and now reigns over all things; you had nothing to do with that. It was all done for you (Wiki entry)

You are alive, present in this moment and you have a particular part to play in God’s plan, and you had nothing to do with that. That leaves one thing undone; the part only you can play. You have everything to do with that. That what God wants to do with you.


INDIVIDULARITY™ Is About Finding Your Part