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Your Part - Place - Plan

The Simple Introduction: 



You are here because God needs you to share something with the people in your world. 


Individularity can help you figure out what God wants you to share with your world.


The IDY Outline: Define your part, find the place, draft a plan.


  1. Your Part: What you have to share with your world. (The people you know and love)
  2. The Place: Where you can do your part. (location – situation – avocation) 
  3. A Plan: How to share what God has given you.
The IDY Process:


  • Determine what you’re looking for. (Your Part)
  • Learn to look for something only you can find. (Always Is – Isn’t All) 
  • Evaluate your findings: With The IDY-Tools.
  • Define your part: (Want – Have – Need)
  • Use your part to find the place.
  • Draft a plan to do what you love and believe.
The INDIVIDULARITY Endgame: A few optimal outcomes


  • You knowing, loving and enjoying God. 
  • The realization of your destiny; what you were created to do.
  • The increase and influence of God’s Kingdom, his will done here as it’s done there.
  • Innovation, creation, revelation, fantastic ideas, fabulous collaborations.
  • Justice, peace, evil subdued, righteousness prevailing, eternal quality of life.
  • The release of more good things God has prepared for us.
  • Relationships, friendship, marriages, families, social and cultural advances. 
  • The interpretation and implementation of God’s imagination.
  • Holy and healthy use and appropriation of power, blessing and authority.
  • The body and Church functioning in love and unity under the headship of Christ.
  • Our world witnessing the glory and love of God in the lives of his people.  
How To Get Started:
Personalize the 3 rules of Dumm.