As IDY grows and morphs, this blog will be the "Island of lost toys" for Outtakes and unused copy

As IDY grows and morphs, this blog will be the "Island of lost toys" for unused copy

From Home Page: The Simple Introduction 


You are here because God needs you to share something with the people in your world. 

Individularity can help you figure out what God wants you to share with your world.

The IDY Outline: Define your part, find the place, draft a plan.

  1. Your Part: What you have to share with your world. (The people you know and love)
  2. The Place: Where you can do your part. (location – situation – avocation) 
  3. A Plan: How to share what God has given you.
The IDY Process:
  • Determine what you’re looking for. (Your Part)
  • Learn to look for something only you can find. (Always Is – Isn’t All) 
  • Evaluate your findings: With The IDY-Tools.
  • Define your part: (Want – Have – Need)
  • Use your part to find the place.
  • Draft a plan to do what you love and believe.
The INDIVIDULARITY Endgame: A few optimal outcomes
  • You knowing, loving and enjoying God. 
  • The realization of your destiny; what you were created to do.
  • The increase and influence of God’s Kingdom, his will done here as it’s done there.
  • Innovation, creation, revelation, fantastic ideas, fabulous collaborations.
  • Justice, peace, evil subdued, righteousness prevailing, eternal quality of life.
  • The release of more good things God has prepared for us.
  • Relationships, friendship, marriages, families, social and cultural advances. 
  • The interpretation and implementation of God’s imagination.
  • Holy and healthy use and appropriation of power, blessing and authority.
  • The body and Church functioning in love and unity under the headship of Christ.
  • Our world witnessing the glory and love of God in the lives of his people.  
How To Get Started:
Personalize the 3 rules of Dumm.
From landing page: 3-17-23

Where Ever There’s Gravity, Blood & Breath


Let’s start the Individularity process by exposing two things; one you love and one you hate: Both are the same; it’s yourself. 

At work, in church, at home, and especially when your alone, you will either love or hate yourself for what you aren’t doing, have done or stopped doing.

So to start, don’t change anything about yourself; how you feel, how you act, what you avoid, and especially don’t downplay the things you do well. 

If you to step up and attempt to engage as yourself, but you fail miserably; congratulations! You are doing exactly what you need to do the most. That is to present yourself as a willing victim of grace. (a living sacrifice)


Finally, I Asked The Right Question


I was in  my mid-40’s, working in a church of a few thousand people. We filled 4 services a weekend with believers who were trusting us to lead them and show them the way in Christ. 

After a few years of that I started looking out at the congregation wondering, they listen to what we tell them, why don’t we ask them what they need? But we didn’t. 

Then I asked God this, “why do so many of your people die with their song still in them?” Finally, I asked the right question; something only he could answer.  

I Got The Answer I Was Looking For

He said this, “Mark, I’ll show you how people can find what I made them to do. Together, we’ll figure out how to share it.” 

I’ve invested about 16 years of my life, with God, figuring out how to share what he showed me. That is the origin of INDIVIDULARITY.


Your Version Of The Same Story

You have your own version of my story. You’ve followed Christ, sacrificed and served in the church, studied and done your best to believe and behave like a good Christian should.

Maybe you’re are pastor, a missionary, a professor or a house painter; you have a family, you have faith in Christ and you’re faithful even to a fault. 

What I mean by “to a fault” is simple; when things don’t work anymore, or don’t fit you as they once did, it has to be your fault! There’s no use in blaming anyone else, and when you have in the past that didn’t help at all. But you do need to discover the cause of your internal upheaval. 


You’ve either stepped away or slipped back

At this point in life you’ve either stepped away from cultural Christianity or slipped into the background hoping to find your place and your part. And still you don’t know what you were made to do. 

There is one other common symptom amongst us bewildered believers; emotional alienation. You feel deeply about certain things but you can’t find anyone who can navigate the contents or your soul, or comprehend the burden of love you bare for people you don’t even know. 


Congratulations! You Are Under The Influence Of The Holy Spirit

If you are a Christ believer and follower: If you love people and the Kingdom of God: If you are not peaceful, joyful or even hopeful for long stretches of time: If you refuse to abandon the godly dream and eternal desire that grips your heart, congratulations! 

You are under the influence of the Holy Spirit. 


What You Need And Don’t Need


First, you don’t need to change yourself, or blame anyone else. Second, you don’t need to reengage what hasn’t worked in the past, or reinvent who you are for the future.

You need is to stare-down the mirror and smile at who you see, God does. You can look-through your pain, your fears, your failures and former success to where your Lord and Savior is calling you forward.  


If you fit any part of those descriptions, INDIVIDULARITY might be right for you.  And now, the IDY Elevator pitch.



From: The IDY Landing page 2-13-23

The Committee Met And…


Just before the start of everything the committee met and one of the members tossed a folder on the table that had your name and picture on it. Would you like to know what’s in your folder?

INDIVIDULARITY is the contents of your folder.

Take a look at my “why” question, “Why do so many people die…” then notice God’s “what” answer, “…how to find what I made them to do.” 

For years I studied and sought the answers to my why questions: Why am I here? Why is there evil? Why do good people suffer? Why can’t I be content? You get the idea.    

  1. Big Question: Why am I here? 
  2. IDY Answer: Instead of asking “why am I here, ask,” “what am I here for?” 
  3. IDY Question: What am I here for? 
  4. IDY Answer: You’re here to do something good, only you can do.

The reason we change the question is simple, when you discover what you’re here for, you’ll know why you’re here. Why = What.  If you’d like to answer the “what” question, you’re ready to investigate IDY.           

If you’re still focused on “why you’re here,” you’re probably not ready for IDY. [Try this site]

 The bottom line of IDY:

You’ll know your part, find your place and have a plan that will last forever. 

If you’re curious about how that is possible, take a look at the three intro illustrations.    

Let’s get started

There are many Big-Questions in life, one question reigns supreme: What am I here for? Individularity (IDY) is about finding your answer to that question.


  • The Big Blue Print Of Purpose


    Think of creation as the Big-Blue Print of purpose were everything God wants is possible, everyone is who they’re supposed to be, every outcome is anticipated, and it’s all happening everywhere, right now. That’s a lot to describe in one sentence. 

    The simple point is you’re here, you’re aware, you care about life, and you had nothing to do with who you are. Like it or not, you are individually embedded in the Big-Blue print. 

    With that said, I think it’s prudent that you should be wondering why God did any of this the way he did it. If you’re not, it might be best if you click-out of this site. 


    If You’re Wondering Why, You Have Two Options:


    Your first option, spend the rest of your life browsing Big-Blue, pondering your purpose, seeking the answers and believing things will all work out in faith, in time, before the end. (This is the default option practiced and trusted by most people

    Your second option, Within God’s Big-Blue print for everything there is a something only you can find and access, the Little U-Print for your life. This U-Print hold holds the details of your destiny and the specifics of your salvation. 

    It contains the particulars of the part you were created to play in God’s plan to accomplish his Big Blue Print of purpose. (Take a moment and read that last sentence outload)


    What If You’re Already A Fervent Christ Follower? 

    Most Christians believe God has a wonderful plan for their life, but they have no idea what that plan is. Most fervent believers are studying, praying, and diligently seeking God’s will for their lives, but they still can’t say exactly what that is. Can you?


    Individularity is God’s will, his plan, his purpose, and your destiny bundled into one point of focus: Finding your part. When you know and do your part, everything else connects, interacts and works.

    IDY is not a self-help course, it’s not discipleship training, or a Bible study: It’s a path you’ll walk with a few other people that will help you seek and find your part of God’s plan to accomplish his purpose. That’ all!



From: Why You Matter

We've all been told we matter but seldom told why

  • Why You Matter


    Because you are irreplaceable, eternal and crucial. (to name a few)

    • You are eternal and non-interchangeable with anyone else.
    • You are crucial, and needed differently than anyone else.
    • You are irreplaceable without displacing anyone else. 

    If you believe all three of the above, that’s why you matter. If you don’t, you matter as much as you believe.  

  • Why Your Part Matters


    How Your Part Of God’s Plan Works: 

    • God always does his part so you can do yours. 
    • You can’t do his part and he won’t do yours.
    If you don’t do your part, the people in your world will go without what they need from you.
    If you decide to pursue your part, then everything God wants from you is possible and available, and you will bless the people in your world.

    God and the people in your world need you, that’s why your part matters.

  • What Matters Now


    If you are deeply grateful for all God has done for you, what matters now is what he wants to do with you.

    The true meaning of life is to know, do and enjoy what God wants to share with you; that is your part.

    What matters now is how to find and fulfil your part.

    A Couple More Questions:

    1. Do you believe you are irreplaceable to God and to the people in your world?
    2. Do you believe it’s possible for you, a believer, to miss your part?
    3. Are you open to the idea of pursuing your specific part?

    If you’re open to more, there’s lot more for you to open. 

    Some Specifics About Your Part. Intro # 3


From: My Top E-Pitch (Elevator Pitch)

  • Just before the beginning of everything, the committee met and one of the members tossed a folder on the table that had you name and photo on it. 

    Would you like to know what’s in your folder? 

Elevator pitch photo

More Intro Stuff

  • About Your IDY: Do you believe this is possible?


    First: Your folder:

    Just before the beginning of everything, the committee met and one of the members tossed a folder on the table that had you name and photo on it. 

    Would you like to know what’s in your folder? 


    Second: Status change; Folder to File


    At conception, your folder changed to a live-file. A senior-staff team was assigned by the committee to supervise your file, until it is activated.

    Would you like to know how your file is activated?


    Third: Your File Is Funded And Activated 


    When you decide to pursue what is rewardable, you now report directly to the committee. Everything in your file is accessible and the heavenly staff is at your disposal. 

    Would you like to know what is rewardable?


    Forth: Eternal Life In Real-Time


    Your INDIVIDULARITY is God’s original idea and dream for your life. That dream is God and you collaborating in his Kingdom, in Real-Time. That’s when what you do here will continue there, forever. 

    Would you like to know the specifics of your INDIVIDULARITY?


    Five: The INDIVIDULARITY Endgame


    Just after the end of your lifetime, there will be an awards and promotion celebration. Christ will preside, and you will give the shortest acceptance speech possible. The eternal and rewardable aspects will continue with you, the rest will be consumed, without you.

    INDIVIDULARITY is about what will continue, with you.  


The folder analogy came from the original inspiration for the word INDIVIDULARITY; your individual singularity. When the creation-singularity occurred, your “singularity-folder” was also created. Everything God dreams, wants and has prepared for you is accessible in that folder.

From: Your-You're Part Of The Solution (For Everything)

From: Your-You're Part Of The Solution (For Everything)

People create problems so God created you…


First, this question: “How does God intend to solve the world’s problems.”

  1. He has a plan. Things will work out according to that plan. 
  2. He already has. Sin is the problem, Christ dealt with that on the cross.
  3. He needs us. “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”   Col 1:27
If you combine #1 & #2 you get, God has a plan and Christ dealt with sin on the cross. God designed a grand plan, and the key to that grand plan was Christ. Or as I like to call it, “The Big Blue Print.” Everything God is doing, has done or ever will do.  


But, what about #3: Does he need us? 

Do we/you have a specific part to play in God plan for everything? If you don’t believe God needs something specific and unique from you, go back to #’s 1&2. And continue being a part of everything God is doing.


If yes, and you believe God needs you to do what he created you to do: What he needs is something only you can do. That is your specific part of his plan for everything. Your INDIVIDUILARITY.


God always does his part so you can do your part


That leads to a second question: What does God need from us?



The word Individularity started out as a combination of two words: Individual & Singularity. Since then the term has acquired a Trademark, established a domain and grown into a process for discovering your individual-singularity. (IDY for short)

The fundamental premise of IDY is this; the Committee (God) decided to create you for a wonderful and specific reason. They also decided to prepare and provide everything you would need to live a significant and satisfying life. 

That was all God’s part of your Individularity. 

You had nothing to do with God’s part of your IDY. You didn’t decide when you would arrive or where you would be born. You didn’t arrange your situation or choose your attributes, abilities or individuality. Not your part

The big question is; what is your part of your IDY?


Your part is what no one else can do for you, and God won’t do without you. 

That statement reveals a few crucial things about what you part is, and what it isn’t.

  • It’s something only you can do.
  • It’s something God wants to do with you.
  • It’s not something someone else will do if you don’t.
  • It’s not something God will do without you.

There are some pretty big claims in those few short paragraphs about what God has done on your behalf. Such as: Wonderful & Specific Reason, Prepare & Provide, Significant & Satisfying. 

And a big question and description about what your part is. Why is that necessary for you to know? 
Because your life if a pretty big deal to God and very important to the people in your world. 
And because the IDY process is based on 


God Either Allows Or Causes Everything

From: Start Where You Will Finish

Cavemen Step-up To The Line

IDY Starts, Continues And Finishes On Your Agreement


The starting line is when you present to God what you want to pursue. This request or statement is an agreement between you and God. 

You need to define what you want before anything begins. If you can’t state what you want, you can always stay where you are.


Your folder has been ready and waiting for you since the beginning, and it will always be available as long as you live.

 You can’t be early or late to this game and you can always (JIP) join the game in progress.


A few examples of a Start-Line statement: 

  • I want to know what’s in my folder.
  • I want to do what God wants from me.
  • I believe there is more for me in life, I want to find it.
  • I won’t go backward, I believe this is my way forward. 
  • I’m done…I’m desperate…I’m tired…I’m frustrated but I’m not finished.

Your Blueprint requires your Soul-Print

Four thumbprints are required to open your folder, the committee provided three, yours is the 4th. 

When you decide to open your folder you are making the following declarations:  “I”____________

  • Will come just as I am. Where, what, who, why and all I am.
  • Won’t change anything. If God is ready for me, I’m ready for him.
  • Am open to love, and to loving openness. Never faked, forced or fearful.
  • Will start and never stop. I’ll likely quit, fail possibly even tap-out, but I will never stop.
Step 1: Start by writing what you want 
Your Soul-Print


The Happiest Thought Of My Life

Albert Einstein said this was the happiest thought of his life: If a person fell from the roof of his house, he would not feel his own weight. That thought led to him to create the theory of general relativity.

My happiest thought is: You are here to do what God prepared for you. That beautiful thought led me to create the INDIVIDULARITY process: How to find and do what God has prepared for you.


IDY Starts, Continues

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