What Is Individularity (IDY)?

IDY is for those of us who believe there's more for us in life:
We're here for a specific reason:
We play a crucial role in our destiny:
And that God is seeking worshippers he can call friends.

It that describes you, you are in the right place!

Mark Allen Schmidt

IDY is focused on finding your answers.

IDY is combination of two words: Individuality & Sovereignty. Your Individuality and God’s Sovereignty and how to leverage both to define your specific reason for being on our planet at this time in history.

By leveraging who you are against God’s immutable, or unchanging nature, you can quickly clarify a whole lot of murky life issues and choices. 


Big Bonus: You know both, who God is and who you are.


For example take the age old question; “Why are you here?” When you seek that answer in theology, through philosophy or even paleontology, you’ll eventually discover that your general findings didn’t help you define your personal reason for being here.

In IDY we turn the elusive “why are you here” question, into an exclusive “Why You Are You” definition. (YURU) That transforms your situation; 

  • From question to quest. 
  • From seeking to finding. 
  • From static to dynamic. 
  • From bondage to leverage.  


"Skillfully set your stage or you will soon be upstaged by your setting."

Mark Allen Schmidt

My IDY Story

To grasp a bit of why and how I developed INDIVIDULARITY,  here is snippet of my story.


I was in middle 40’s, I’d done everything I could think of that God might want from me. 

Then I asked this question: “Why do so many people die with their songs still in them?”

God responded, “Mark, I’ve got an idea, do you want to hear it?”

I said “Yes!”

He said, “I’ll show you why, and together we’ll figure out how to share it.”

That was the start of what has become INDIVIDULARITY.  



A piece of  how the stage has been set to share God’s idea.


Just before the begin of everything the committee met and one of the members tossed a folder on the table that had my name and picture on it.

The purpose of IDY is to help you read and realize the contents of your folder, as I have done with mine.





Mark folder photo

What Can You Expect From IDY?


  • Figure out your part. To know what you were made to do.
  • Find your place. Where you were meant to do your part.
  • File your plan. How you can get to it.

Your part is something good you were made to do. It will be what you want the most, use the best of what you have and be what people need from you.


You place is somewhere you can do you part. It is a location, a situation and avocation that will be successful, significant and satisfying.



Your plan is what you and God agree on doing with the rest of your life. This plan starts when you begin believe to pursue what God wants from you and will continue to unfold from here to eternity. 



The endgame of IDY is you living eternally in real time. That includes:

-A beautiful and uninterrupted peace with God. 

-A dynamic understanding of what is personally meaningful and publicly useful.

-The means to pursue and do what you love and believe.







How Does IDY Work?

IDY happens between you and God, and in agreement with one or a few other people. 

IDY provides: The tools, challenge, wisdom and a path toward what’s possible.

You provide: The dream, faith, courage, honesty, determination and the will to accomplish what is possible. 


IDY works in you through:


Openness:  Being Open to love – to loving openness

Selfness:  Looking at yourself as God does.


  • No Fear In Love
  • No Failure In Grace
  • No End In Faith

How To Begin IDY

  • Don’t Change Anything. Clarity
  • Agree On Something. 
  • Start Sweet-spotting. 
Bonus benefit

What about you the judgment seat of Christ?

The judgment seat of Christ is not about sin, or about salvation, it will be about what you’ve did with your life; good or evil (worthless) 2 Cor 5:10