The term started out as a combination of two words; individuality and singularity. The idea being that at the moment of creation (The Singularity) every one of us, past – present – future were created with our own individual singularity.  


  1. History
  2. The process
  3. Scripture
  4. Story

History: The term Individularity was trademarked on August 25, 2020. It is the trade-name for the Individularity process. “IDY”, “MyIDY” and “” are abbreviations of Individularity.

Prime Purpose was the first working title for the IDY process. Then it was shortened to PRIME.

The Process: IDY is a 7 step process focused on helping you find exactly what you are here to do. Your IDY consists of three elements: Your Part, Your Place, Your Plan. 

When you complete IDY your plan will be what you and God agree on doing with the rest of your life.

The 7 Steps:

  1. Define Your Part
  2. The IDY-GPS
  3. Your Margin
  4. DO – BE – LO
  5. The 3 Question
  6. Find Your Place
  7. File Your Plan

Done For You - Do With You

Done For You: Creation, salvation, sanctification, eternal life, preparing heaven, your IDY-GPS, our planet, air, water, the sun – moon & stars,  forgiveness, and divine-revelation are all things God has done for you. 

You didn’t participate, you didn’t collaborate, you didn’t contribute or consult on any of the wonderful acts done for you by your creator. 


DO With You: Everyday life, the good only you can do, restrain evil, increase his Kingdom, function is the body, love, your Individularity, are all activities that God wants to do with you. 


  1. History
  2. The process
  3. Scripture
  4. Story

Rewardable: "Rewardability"

The term “accountable” is often used in the context of  keeping one on the “Straight & Narrow” path with God. And in that context it is typically a ledger of what one should not be doing, or the accepted actions one should be doing. 

The quandary of accountability is, “you can’t do good by not doing bad.” And most forms of accountability are capable of discovering the good you were created to do. Accountability is based on some version of “what you should do, rewardability is about what you were created to do.

The utility of rewardability: