How God Set His Stage

A cloth covered an object on the sturdy table. The first member pulled the cloth away and said, “This should serve us nicely.”

“A cube, yes. I think that’ll work.” The second member added.

“Does it meet our criteria?” The third member asked.

“Can we do what we want there?” The said after placing a hand on a side of the cube.

“Can we provide all that’s needed?” The second added with a hand on the opposite side of the cube.”

“And share what we have?” The third said with a palm spread on top of the cube.

They looked at the cube, then at each other. With grins and nods it was decided.

One thing is absolutely certain; everything that is, is as it needs to be. As mankind continues forward and as knowledge increases exponentially, there are only two options: First, God did all this so we could share it with him. Second, God did this but we don’t want to share.

The stage is the soil beneath our feet, the backdrop is the horizon and our illumination is derived from electricity, fire or fusion. The theatre is where ever you are and the audience is the madding crowd and the heavenly cloud.



Finally, I Asked The Right Question



The Committee Met And…


Just before the start of everything the committee met and one of the members tossed a folder on the table that had your name and picture on it. Would you like to know what’s in your folder?

INDIVIDULARITY is the contents of your folder.




Take a look at my “why” question, “Why do so many people die…” then notice God’s “what” answer, “…how to find what I made them to do.” 

For years I studied and sought the answers to my why questions: Why am I here? Why is there evil? Why do good people suffer? Why can’t I be content? You get the idea.    




  1. Big Question: Why am I here? 
  2. IDY Answer: Instead of asking “why am I here, ask,” “what am I here for?” 
  3. IDY Question: What am I here for? 
  4. IDY Answer: You’re here to do something good, only you can do.

The reason we change the question is simple, when you discover what you’re here for, you’ll know why you’re here. Why = What.  If you’d like to answer the “what” question, you’re ready to investigate IDY.           

If you’re still focused on “why you’re here,” you’re probably not ready for IDY. [Try this site]

 The bottom line of IDY:

You’ll know your part, find your place and have a plan that will last forever. 

If you’re curious about how that is possible, take a look at the three intro illustrations.    

Let’s get started

There are many Big-Questions in life, one question reigns supreme: What am I here for? Individularity (IDY) is about finding your answer to that question.


First: The Big Blue Print

The Big Blue Print Of Purpose


Think of creation as the Big-Blue Print of purpose were everything God wants is possible, everyone is who they’re supposed to be, every outcome is anticipated, and it’s all happening everywhere, all at once, right now. That’s a lot to describe in one sentence. 

The simple point is you’re here, you’re aware, you care about life, and you had nothing to do with any of it. Like it or not, you are individually embedded in the Big-Blue print. God wanted you, he needs you and you are here at exactly the right time. 

With that said, I think it’s prudent that you should be wondering why God did any of this the way he did it. If you’re not, it might be best if you click-out of this site. 


If You’re Wondering Why, Consider These Two Options:


Your first option, spend the rest of your life browsing Big-Blue, pondering your purpose, seeking the answers and believing things will all work out in faith, in time, before the end. (This is the default option practiced and trusted by most people


Your second option, Within God’s Big-Blue print for everything there is something only you can find and access, the Little U-Print for your life. This U-Print holds the details of your destiny and the specifics of your salvation. 

It contains the particulars of the part you were created to play in God’s plan to accomplish his Big Blue Print of purpose. (Take a moment and read that last sentence outload)



What If You’re Already A Fervent Christ Follower? 

Most Christians believe God has a wonderful plan for their life, but they have no idea what that plan is. Most fervent believers are studying, praying, and diligently seeking God’s will for their lives, but they still can’t say exactly what that is. Can you?


Individularity is God’s will, his plan, his purpose, and your destiny bundled into one point of focus: Finding your part. When you know and do your part, everything else connects, interacts and works.


IDY is not a self-help course, it’s not discipleship training, or a Bible study: It’s a path you’ll walk with a few other people that will help you seek and find your part of God’s plan


IDY: Find and fulfil your life U-Print

Second: A Sample Of How IDY Works

Iceburging Your Way Through Life


Hey, roll with me on this analogy. You are an iceberg that calved-off from your glacier of origin and your are now a free floating, fully functional chunk of frozen fresh-water drifting in the vast earth-ocean. 

A small part of you is visible above the ocean surface, the most important part of you is hidden beneath the waves. Your unseen portion provides the buoyancy, the mobility and holds the intricacies of who you are. 

Yes, you’re a huge chunk of ice like every other berg, but no other berg can occupy your space, take your course or melt like you can. Once again, you had nothing to do with any of it.  

Merging The Analogies 

So far we’ve narrowed everything God is doing with everyone (Big-Blue) down to something you are here to do, with God. (The U-Print)

And we’ve turned you into a current-cruising chunk of ice adrift in the ocean of life, independent but still dependent on your surroundings and situation. 

The Summation:

You are alive, you are a complete person in a specific situation who is here to do something God created you to do.   

Welcome To The IDY Margin Tool.